The Pros and Cons of Dick Masterson.

I recently stumbled upon the worlds now leading chauvinist, Dick Masterson. He recently took the lead, because his idol, Tom Leykis, left the radio world for good. And I thought it only fitting to take up an opinion about him, and his works.


Dick Masterson is a very good looking man. Everything about him draws you in, his looks, his charm, his seemingly keen wit. He seems to have a genuine passion for his beliefs, and makes them well known. He states his views on women very clearly, so people don't misunderstand where he's coming from. And frankly, I'd do very despicable adult things to him.


Dick Masterson isn't the most well spoken man. If you ever listen to his voice mail recordings, you can pretty much tell that his insults are of the third grade variety, and he randomly pulls them out of thin air. He completely misses most points, and is in most cases blind to aforementioned points. He's like a white supremacist, being blindly led, without a shadow of a doubt because clearly this was his upbringing. Also, his insults are re-used over and over, to the point of monotony. He really tries to push the fact that he doesn't care about women, and thinks they are basically less than shit in his mind, but he insists on becoming irritated, and degrading them to make up for their petty insults. Then he also tries to make the point that he doesn't hate women, they just aren't his favorite. Which is hypocritical to no end, because he then goes on tangents about how worthless, evil, and generally fucked up they are. He's making a living off of the insecurities of men, in my mind due to the fact that this is no longer 1940 and women aren't stepford in their ways, by telling them that they are better, they will overcome, they can lead.

The reality is this is a world dominated by women. we control the industries, marketing, communications, and money. You have the 80's to thank for that. I'm very sorry that a rail, fast red car, and a bright pink bikini were enough to drive your gender out of it's reign, but it happened, and men are getting more docile by the moment. I think it's in your best interest to get over it while you still have the chance to keep your sanity. Women may be manipulative whores, who get their way at every turn, and are able to play on your every emotion, but you fucking let them do it. No one is to blame but you.